True Cornish Fairy Tale: The Polperro Party

Polquest, a thriving Pisky village situated in the secret valley near Polperro, Cornwall. Here live our swash-buckling adventurers, magical tales about their travels, epic adventures and daily survival. Living milliseconds ahead in a parallel future, you sometimes catch a glimpse, a tiny movement or a dancing shadow.

This is an ancient Cornish tale, which was told many years ago, before our time, but somehow it has been thoughtlessly forgotten, or possibly secretly hidden away...

The A390 travels from Cornwall into Devon. It is one of the most beautiful and mystical roads that I have ever encountered; up and down many steep hills and deep, plunging valleys, past lots of beautiful and uniquely mystical sights that you would not normally see throughout the rest of our country’s dreary grey surroundings. Some of these are stunning landscape scenes that are magical views into the Cornwall that both you and I know – and know very well: the County of Cornwall, that can be full of mysterious happenings, stories of ancient history, traditions that have been lost. There is a spectacular past that would like to be known or rediscovered.

Our county is always mixing the old ways with the new, and it is never the same – invisibly changing, but only when the powers that decide when the right time has come. Like the ocean that guards the shores, the changing tides, ocean waves that keep rolling on to the beach, the winds that change direction, shifting sands and the dunes, the meandering ocean currents, and weather that changes for no reason at all.

I ponder on my lost but treasured Cornish thoughts; it is like looking around a dusty, forgotten, hidden-away-around-the-corner antique shop that holds old and interesting hidden treasures just waiting to be rediscovered. Perhaps you may accidentally stumble upon an obscure pretty trinket or an article of wondrous beauty. You may even find a highly desirable and valuable piece of the past; a curious antiquity so interesting that, once found, you would have to pick it up in order to get a closer, more detailed look, a touch, a feel of the weight and the textured surface.

These lovely and intriguing sparkling gems seem to suspend time in your mind for just a second or two, maybe three or four.

There is, however, one Cornish landscape vision of great beauty that I will never forget. Every time I travel past this nearly-hidden-from-view picture of Cornish mystical beauty, I stare, expecting to see something different, possibly more intriguing and mysterious than on previous occasions. Maybe if you have the time and are ever passing, you can go and look for yourself – you can never be sure of what you may find, hear or see in this chosen, quick-as-aflash, now-you-see-me-now-you-don’t, magical and important part of the story.

When passing through St Austell and travelling further along on the A390, the fields, trees and hedges just seem a little greener. The landscape changes from grey and brown rugged rocks to a more colourful country combination, which could be considered a white-light artist’s dream. It is like a magical, visual spell, which has showered the fields, hedgerows, horizon and sky with a beauty that could be described as the doors opening to heaven.

The following is a story about imagining you’re walking through these doors into a world that is full of the unknown, mixed with an everyday Kernow cocktail of life. You have to look quickly for the fairy tale view – especially when travelling by car. It appears in a flash and disappears in an instant.

There, on your left, through the trees, lies the hidden secret valley and the small camouflaged hamlet of Polquest; with trees hugging the hillsides and a small stream that dances all the way through the forest and fields to the sea fishing port of Polperro. The river twists, turns and splashes; it nourishes the plants, and dances gracefully in the splendid white and golden sunlight, eagerly meandering to and fro, running free as a bird and swimming fast as a fish, cascading towards the magical site of the pretty and well-known Cornish fishing village of Polperro.

These days, as well as harvesting the sea, Polperro captures the hearts of visitors who make a pilgrim holiday voyage, from all parts of the world, from our beloved country, England, and from across the mystical County of Cornwall, or Kernow to you or I. Polperro is not just a small, quaint, sea-dwelling-clam-to-rock tourist inhabited village that has given so many people enjoyment and pleasure over the years. We must not forget the earlier times, when fishermen and miners, both young and old lived, loved and grew old there.

Today, walking into and around Polperro, the friendly, timeless atmosphere creeps into your bones and heart like an invisible spell of life, warmth and glorious sunshine. This is the typical blend of Cornish ancient and modern magic that lives within the seaside village, all around the beautiful coastal resort and throughout the county.

The seeping magic charms, tricks and entertains you; things happen that neither you nor I could ever explain. It is a sort of soft-magic that has existed for centuries; maybe even from the beginning of time when the mystic coastlands, coves, valleys, meadows, rivers and forests of Cornwall were created. The Druids, witches, mystics, gypsies, warlords, smugglers, pirates and the working sea-people certainly knew of it.

What must also never be overlooked are the original small, secret and magical inhabitants that still do exist. Hidden away, they dance and play, deep within the secret valley, and often unknowingly accompany the people and tourists of Polperro. I shall explain and tell you all about these small beautiful creatures, their cosy small hamlet of Polquest and their travels too.

This is an ancient Cornish tale, which was told many years ago, before our time, but somehow it has been thoughtlessly forgotten, or possibly secretly hidden away. Recently, I was visiting Polperro, when something intriguing, strange and unusual happened to me. Now, for certain reasons, the story has to be told again, and this time it is never to be forgotten.

But, before I start, I want to assure you that what you read is fact, not fiction. Firstly, let me introduce to you one of our little adventuring heroes: Jacko, a master adventurer and one of those clever Devonish pixies. His intellectual and magical capabilities help mastermind the worldwide adventures that you will read about; not only in this book but in others to follow.

Believe he exists and you will keep your youthful looks, vibrancy and quick-thinking ability. You may also soon want to go on new travel adventures yourself, escape the hum-drum, ordinary, dreary life that you currently lead.

Jacko was just an ordinary young chap, leading an ordinary life, until one day he changed his daily Polquestian routine. He followed a dream, and took his ordinary and plain life into a new, more vibrant, exciting dimension. He became a serious adventurer; he planned, took risks, travelled, fenced with the unknown, had fun, loved, grew wise and really began to live his life.

Jacko took a ride with fate and carefully created a new, fresh, exciting life for himself. We all get opportunities and appointments with chance; the secret is to recognise these doors of change, open them with courage and step through them bravely.

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Olivier CassidyAuthor

Olivier Cassidy, was born Sennen Cove, Maria's Lane, Cornwall into very magical and musically gifted family. Cornish mythical folk tales were always told to the young children, keeping the true spirit of "Old Cornwall" vibrant and alive.

Oli attended Sennen School and enjoyed his early years living close to the beach, learning to ride his surfboard from the age of three.

Olivier Cassidy then migrated to London with some of the family, aged only six, resided in Camden Town, living in a flat above a shop that was situated opposite Palmers Pet Shop. Oli disliked London life and returned to Cornwall to visit family, friends and enjoy beach-life as frequently as possible.

Returning to reside in Cornwall in the early nineties, a strange happening occurred. One day returning home from a visit to Polperro, strolling down a deserted lane called The Warren which proceeds into Talland Street, Oli heard a magical chink sound behind him, Oli turned and looked everywhere, could see neither man nor beast and there lying on the cobbled street, was a shinning glittering golden new pound coin. Oli picked up the magic pound coin and put it in his pocket.

Days later whilst holidaying in Fowey, Oli had a vision, to write a book about magical village life, that occurs in the secret Pisky hamlet Polquest, situated on banks of the river Pol, a dancing-merrily-flowing river that leads into the heart of Polperro, then flows gracefully out to sea.

Read all about the daring adventures of Master Jacko and his Adventurer friends, hardy crew and family. Their travels take them world-wide, where they meet other Piskies and Pixies living a few milliseconds ahead of us in magical parallel dimension.

Jacko, Sam, Nikki, Joan, Greta, Billy, Popydedoodez, Carlos Rodriguez Martin, Wifeywaffa , Hotawalla: The Adventurers;
Franco Franco, Zapinello, Zigor Zennet: The Magicians;
Junior MacArthur and MacMacMcmillian: The Engineers;
Phibbean of Fowey and Egnog: Fowey Bookshop Retailers, Advisors and Science.

Olivier Cassidy will be writing a ten book series accompanied by the very talented illustrator Denzil Creswell.

True Cornish Fairy Tale:
The Polperro Party
The Crystal Dragon
Purple Blue Emeralds from Brhyer
The Pirates of Polperro
The Beast of Bodmin Moor
The Book of Conquests

And more to follow...

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Denzil CreswellIllustrator

Denzil Creswell was born to a poor Cornish tin mining family. As the first Creswell to attain a GCSE, Denzil went on to prosper in education and graduated from the Cornish Pasty University with a first degree in crimping.

He moved to New York with hopes of building a Pasty empire in America, which had been a life-long dream of his; but within a week of arriving in the States he was really missing home so he booked a flight to Cornwall.

Unfortunately, as well as being a county in the UK, Cornwall is also a small town about fifty miles North of New York City and not realising he had booked a flight to the wrong Cornwall, Denzil resided here for five years assuming things had just changed a lot in the week he was away.

He paid his way working as a backing dancer, which had been a life-long dream of his, first in a local dance troupe, but was later signed by an reputable agency and appeared in many music videos including videos for Selena Gomez and Jay-Z.

Here, he also took an evening art class, learning how to draw, which had been a life-long dream of his. He practiced drawing in his spare time; art became his new passion.

Eventually, whilst planning a trip to Bodmin to visit his aunt Ellen, he realised he was still in America and returned to the UK, where he met Olivier Cassidy, a budding author and piskie enthusiast looking for an artist to bring his stories to life. And so the journey began...

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